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Prometheus mod for game Unreal Tournament 3
[ · Download from mirror () ] 24.07.2015, 11:38

Genre: first person puzzle 
  Developers: Rachel AngelMapper Cordone, Nathan Fulton, Mike Jones, Todd Agnello, Jos Sjosz Hendriks
  Any news: gameplay, cards, outlook
  Version: 1.0
  It is required: Unreal Tournament 3 with a patch 1.0004
  Size: 27,4 Mb
You remember the well-known phrase from Portal: "Now you think with portals"? You remember how started anew learning to play, learned new, not vidanny before the rule anywhere? If isn't present, then you can correct this omission. Because Prometheus — is almost same small genre revolution, as well as Portal Gun.
  The idea is simple, and it if to remember, already met in games: you can create copies of which can carry out all your actions. So simply. It is necessary to pass through a door which is open, only when the button is pressed. Usually in such situations interaction of two characters, game in cooperative or something else in the same vein is necessary. And here you simply get up on the trigger, you press the button — and everything, we look how "one more" you run to this trigger. The situation is given the elementary — usually at the levels it is necessary to make the long, multistage, verified on seconds actions.
  Prometheus is very similar to Portal and lack of firearms (more precisely, it is, but carries out purely decorative function), diversity of passing and … sense of humour. Unfortunately, the invisible commentator cracks jokes only at the training level, but the project will develop definitely, and we for certain still will hear causticities about "destruction of an existential continuum". And if to consider that fashions I became the winner of the second stage of the competition Make Something Unreal recently, chances that once it can become full commercial game, too are very high. 

  Unpack archive in the folder my documents on a desktop.

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